Close to filling Q2/Q3 2024 cohort. Onboarding of new clients might only start end of Summer 2024

Growth Manager at Highrise Marketing

Growth Manager / Client Strategy Manager

London, United Kingdom – Remote

About Highrise

Highrise is a boutique performance marketing agency specialising in Direct-to-Consumer. We work with some of the newest and most exciting consumer brands, spanning multiple industries. The founding team of Highrise has been involved in successfully scaling multiple businesses from 0 to £100m+ in annual sales. Running and scaling brands is part of our DNA.

Unlike other agencies we don’t just buy media. While we acknowledge the power of Meta, Google and TikTok, we don’t view them as standalone solutions. We combine data, platform innovation, tailored ad creative and CRO to deliver on our clients’ business objectives. Highrise is the full performance marketing agency.

We are a small, growing agency with big ambitions. Our clients’ success is our success and we see ourselves as true partners in their growth. We are a small team of kind, hardworking individuals who aim to do the best by our clients and our colleagues.

If you would like a role where everyday you get to see the impact of your work, be an integral part of the success of the next generation of household name brands and get to work with a team of lovely people, then Highrise is the place for you.

The role

This role is pivotal to the success of Highrise and our clients. You are the link between the clients business objectives and our media buying and creative teams.

Working with an Account Director, you will be taking our clients’ business objectives and budgets and turning this into strategic and tactical plans to reach these goals. You will then work closely with platform specialists, media buyers and creative strategists to deliver these.

You will be the guardian of our clients’ day-to-day performance and will have the holistic view of performance across multiple channels. Working with a team of media buyers you will make adjustments to hit our client’s objectives.

You will be in charge of day-to-day communication with our clients. You will be responsible for ensuring that the brands we work with know we are on top of their performance, understand their business and that the team is working to achieve their objectives.

To help you be successful in your role, you will be supported by:

An Account Director helping with client management and setting the long-term strategic objectives together with the client

Media buying specialists, managing day to day activities and providing you with insights and analysis directly from the platforms.

About You

People Person Extraordinaire

Your love for people is infectious. Working with others and being part of dynamic teams energizes you. Building meaningful relationships is not just a job requirement but something you genuinely enjoy. Casual conversations about weather, weekends, and pets are part of your daily routine.

Embraces Challenges with a Can-Do Attitude

You take pride in working smart and ensuring tasks are not just completed but done exceptionally well. A can-do attitude is your mantra, and challenges are seen as opportunities to showcase your capabilities.

A Lifelong Learner

Curiosity fuels you. You have a genuine desire to continuously learn and grow. Mistakes are not setbacks but stepping stones for improvement. You’re resilient, picking yourself up stronger after every stumble.

Master of Organisation

A multitasking maestro, you thrive in being the linchpin between multiple teams. Coordinating seamlessly, you ensure clients’ projects are not just delivered but delivered on time. From project briefing to completion, you know how to map out steps and timings with precision.

Strategic Prioritiser

Your ability to prioritise extends beyond just managing your workload. You identify and focus on actions that bring the most significant impact to clients’ performance, ensuring that your efforts contribute meaningfully to their success.

Agile and Adaptable

You understand that not every day goes according to plan. Adapting to unforeseen challenges is second nature to you. Ad-hoc requests are opportunities for you to shine, and a change of plan doesn’t ruffle your feathers.

Driven by Process

You appreciate the power of processes and tools in managing workloads and roadmaps efficiently. Following and improving established processes is not a chore but a key part of your approach to ensuring tasks are executed seamlessly.

If these traits resonate with you, we’re excited to hear from you. If you’re ready for a role that aligns with your passion and skills, we encourage you to apply.

Skills & Experience

→ Minimum 5 years experience either in-house or in-agency. You’ll have worked with e-commerce brands and in a role where you had exposure to the full customer journey.

You’ll have a good understanding of Meta, TikTok and Google. You will be working with platform specialists but you must understand each platform’s core metrics and the levers that can be pulled to improve performance.

As the main client contact and the bridge between the client and the HR media teams you will have excellent communication and stakeholder management skills

Highly numerate with excellent data analytics and reporting skills.

You will need to be able to take data from multiple sources to provide a whole picture of performance.

You will know your way around core platforms and know where to find key data points in Google Ads, Meta and GA4.

Experience with tools such as Excel, Sheets and ideally, Supermetrics.

We use Asana and Notion for project management – so an understanding of these tools is a definite plus.


→ Daily trading: Checking our clients performance and work with media buyers to make necessary adjustments to protect performance and keep us on track to reaching overall objectives.

→ Budget allocation: ensure budgets are being deployed efficiently and spent accordingly to the monthly budget by instructing the media team.

→ Client communication: You will be the main point of contact for our clients. You will be explaining results, ensuring that briefs are understood and picking up briefs. Additionally, you will be sense-checking reports and analyses/communications to ensure that they are easy to understand and answer any potential questions from clients in advance.

→ Internal communication: You will be taking the clients briefs and targets and translating these to the internal teams.

→ Roadmapping:  Work with the Account Director, Media Teams, Creative and CRO strategists to build out roadmaps of work that help clients’ reach their objectives. You will be responsible for delivering the roadmap items on time.

→ Project & Campaign Delivery: Brief in teams and manage projects to ensure on-time delivery of campaigns.

→ Reporting: Coordinating the team to provide weekly performance updates, client sync documents and campaign/test results to the client.

Our values

At Highrise, our culture is our north star. It guides how we work, collaborate, and drive our client’s growth. Here’s a peek into our guiding principles:


We dig deep to find answers. We believe the extra mile often makes all the difference.

Moving the Needle.

We're driven by results, not vanity. We find what works and amplify it.

Facing challenges.

We embrace ignorance as an opportunity to learn and grow. We turn our mistakes into stepping stones.


We're fully accountable for our client's success. When you work with us, you're getting a partner committed to your goals.

Join us on this exciting journey and let’s shape the future of digital marketing together, one Highrise success story at a time.