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Meta Ads Management

Our Innovative Approach to Meta Ads Service: Where Tradition Meets Evolution

Paid Social - Meta Ads Managment Service

Our Approach to Meta Ads

Meta ads offer a significant opportunity for e-commerce brands. However, as a leading Meta Ads Agency, our experience has shown that the game has evolved, and the traditional approach isn’t as effective anymore.

We’ve handled ad spends amounting to tens of millions of pounds across Facebook and Instagram over the years, resulting in incremental revenues or conversions running into hundreds of millions for our clients. Discover below how our innovative approach to Meta Ads can propel your growth.

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Benefits of Highrise Meta Ads Management

Partnering with Highrise for Meta Ads Management means:

Our unique approach to Meta advertising delivers genuine incremental outcomes. Our track record includes managing millions in ad spend and driving hundreds of millions in additional sales and revenue for our clientele.

We connect Meta to concrete KPIs. As a certified partner, we can offer you conversion lift studies, ensuring that you can have confidence in our approach.

Unless you provide specific directives to the contrary, our approach is centered 100% on conversions. We won’t allow your ad budget to be squandered on campaigns that generate non-converting traffic.

After managing millions of pounds in ad spend, we’ve developed a proven blueprint that enables us to consistently identify and scale winning funnels on Meta.

Through our unique Aggregated Creative Review methodology, we provide you with data-driven insights on what ads work and why. Your team will receive distinct creative direction, creative briefs, and customised ad creation services.

When you partner with us, you get early access to the latest features capable of driving substantial impact. Maintain your edge over competitors.

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Scaling Meta ads

Sequential Messaging

Reiterating our point, Meta is a means to an end. The real leverage lies in aligning Meta with an impactful offer (your ‘value proposition’ wrapper), conveying this offer effectively pre-click (through our ads) and post-click (through our landing pages). Having a rigid testing framework is key.

Implementing Meta effectively and scaling it requires a rigid operational structure, but acknowledging consumer mindsets is also critical. 

Carving a Niche in a Saturated Coffee Pod Market

A Brewed Success with Grind

In 2019, we partnered with Grind, entering a direct-to-consumer coffee pod market already buzzing with competitors. Both newcomers and industry giants touted similar offers – doorstep-delivered pods. With Grind, our prime mission was clear: fine-tune our value proposition and structure our market messages.

Grind Meta Ads Management

Crafting Tailored Meta Ads

Understanding the audience is paramount. We realised many seeing your ads are ‘cold’ users. Unless you’re as recognisable as a household name, they might not identify your brand or be actively seeking your product upon ad engagement

Resonating with Consumer Mindsets

Recognising how consumers feel upon first interaction allows us to amplify our advertising’s impact. For Grind, we chose messages that struck a chord with our main audience, highlighting the environmental footprint of leading brands and the concern of plastic waste. Grind’s coffee pods became more than a product; they were a solution, a beacon leading to the sought-after result.

Strategy, Testing, and Transformation

Succeeding with Meta requires a foundation of rigorous testing. With our tailored Meta Ads Marketing approach, we revamped Grind’s foothold in the bustling D2C coffee pod sector.

Minimising waste. Maximising value.

Strategic Testing for Meta Ads Success

It’s almost a truism in today’s advertising landscape that more ads equate to success on Meta. With in-house teams producing Meta ads, media agencies incorporating such capabilities, and the rise of dedicated paid social ad creative agencies, the focus on storytelling is evident. However, what is often missing, and what we provide for our clients, is a stringent creative testing framework.

Even seemingly strong ads don’t guarantee favorable results. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the cost of misplaced assumptions. Some ads may boast great ‘hook rates’ and engagement levels but attract the wrong audience. Before you know it, you’ve invested (or to be more precise, wasted) five figures in a campaign that’s merely attracting window shoppers.

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Sneak Meta Ads
On Testing.

Some ‘testing frameworks’ allocate too much autonomy to the platforms – out of five pieces of content, one garners all the expenditure while the rest get nothing. Can you confidently claim that the ad with the highest spend is the genuine winner?

In response to the prevalent wastage and dogmas in the e-commerce landscape, we help you build a bespoke testing framework. This allows us to trial every new creative direction on a modest budget before deploying it in your main BAU campaigns. This approach enables us to derive insights on a small budget and ensure that we only allocate your main budget to winning concepts.

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