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Our Approach to Google Ads

In a digital world where platforms like TikTok and Meta constantly evolve, Google Ads remains a stalwart, renowned for its robust conversion tools. Its diversity encompasses offerings from Discovery to YouTube ads. However, at Highrise, we’re selective. We focus on campaigns known for conversions: search, shopping, and Performance Max.

The introduction of PMAX and Google’s leaning into automated campaigns has simplified campaign setups. Yet, this often leads to subpar results and unnecessary expenditure. As Google curtails advertiser control, the nuances we can influence, such as feeds, campaign structure, and creatives, become pivotal. It’s here that Highrise shines brightest, ensuring your Google strategy isn’t merely functional, but fully optimised.

Having managed Google ad spends into the tens of millions of pounds, we’ve catalysed remarkable revenue and conversion growth for our clients. Discover how Highrise can refine your Google Ads approach and spur your growth.

Making 'broad' work with smart bid strategies. Untamed dominance of SERPs with Shopping and Standard search results.
Our Google Ads campaigns generate millions in incremental sales via our results-driven, 100% conversion approach.
Making Every Click Count.

Benefits of Highrise Google Ads Approach

Our approach to Google Ads drives true incremental outcomes. With millions in managed spend, we have driven hundreds of millions in additional sales and revenue for our clients, offering you clear visibility into what is genuinely effective, from intent and search types to audience and campaign types.

Every campaign type and ad group we establish is designed with a 100% focus on maximizing conversions from your media budgets. We will develop a custom Google Ads plan for you, and in some cases, we may even recommend entirely omitting certain campaign types.

At Highrise, we’re not just reactive; we’re proactive. We continually integrate the most recent features and innovations into your accounts where they align with your objectives. Our approach ensures that these are not just implemented for the sake of novelty, but are rigorously tested and incorporated in ways that drive tangible value.

Google’s algorithm thrives on precise data input. Recognising this, we enrich your conversion data by integrating critical variables. These include profit margins, customer lifetime value (LTV), differentiation between new and returning customers, and detailed cart data. By providing the algorithm with a richer dataset, we position your campaigns for enhanced performance.

We’re staunch believers in the power of continuous improvement. Our strategy involves maintaining a dynamic roadmap of tests that focuses on refining our Ad Copy, Google Merchant Centre products, and campaign structures. By perpetually iterating and finetuning, we ensure that your campaigns are not just running, but are continually optimised for maximum returns.

The Google Ads Challenge

Finding Optimal Balance for Performance

Google Ads can certainly get complex – from establishing the right account structure, optimising feeds, to putting the right exclusions in place for Performance Max campaigns, the ecosystem can indeed be quite challenging.

While some of you might consider these basics, when it comes to Google Ads, we prioritise transparency and clarity on what drives incremental results. We often discover advertisers neglecting best practices concerning transparency, leading to an inability to scale and a majority of their conversions coming from branded terms.

Our solution is straightforward – we categorise our campaigns by their type (search, shopping, and Performance Max) and measure each campaign type’s success in its own context. Crucially, we align our Google Ads strategies with your Profit & Loss statement and marketing calendar, ensuring our digital efforts correspond with your larger business objectives.

We frequently encounter elaborate, incredibly complex account structures in client accounts. Though they may appear impressive in theory, they often fail to deliver what truly matters – results.

Each Google Ad account we construct is informed by your business’s direction and growth pace. Striking the right balance between simplicity and complexity in account setups is key to making Google Ads work.

The Middle Way in Google Ads

Navigating the balance between simplicity and complexity

In dealing with Google Ads and the various campaign types available (be it search, shopping, or PMAX), we commonly notice two recurring mistakes:

Oversimplification: Account structures that are incredibly simple. In their reliance on machine learning and algorithms, advertisers often relinquish too much control to the machine, diminishing their ability to react and optimize effectively.

Overcomplication: Account structures that are excessively complex, with an over-segmentation of keywords, audiences, intents, product groups, etc. While such extensive detailing might seem like thorough planning, it often leads to convoluted structures that hinder effective management and optimisation.

Our approach at Highrise is to find the optimal middle ground – a strategy that utilises machine learning and algorithms, but also maintains human oversight for strategic adjustments. We ensure the account structure is complex enough to cover all necessary components but simple enough to manage and optimize efficiently. This balance is critical in delivering consistent, incremental results from your Google Ads campaigns.

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